Testimonial – Otoplasty

Otoplasty by Dr Rajat

Testimonial – Otoplasty

Otoplasty by Dr Rajat Gupta

Case – Mayank Arora

Age – 16 Years.

Hello, everyone. I am here to share my wonderful life changing experience of Otoplasty.
I am a simple boy from a small town. When I was a toddler, my mother noticed the weird formation of my ears. She ignored it earlier, because my father and my grandfather had similar formation of ears.

But, as I started growing up, my parents noticed that my ears had started to protrude abnormally. The same was noticed by my teachers and schoolmates. I was becoming increasingly embarrassed of my abnormal ears as I was getting bullied by some of my schoolmates. My teachers understood, my close friends understood but some who didn’t, teased me day in and day out.  Gradually, they started calling me all sorts of name describing me on the basis of my ears and not by who I was. People murmured and snickered when I walked down the halls. I was called an elephant, big ears, the BFG and so on. It was all too distressing. I was not able to concentrate on my studies, on sports or anything else. I was losing my confidence.

My mom observed my mental condition and she spoke to my dad. The conversation was strange because my dad thought that there was nothing wrong with my ears. But one fine day, after so many pleads by mom, my dad agreed to have the ears checked. He searched for a few doctors and came across Dr Rajat Gupta’s profile and immediately booked an appointment. On consultation, Dr. Rajat did a thorough check-up and explained that I had bilateral Otapostasis.  But he assured me and my parents that it is correctable through a minor procedure called Otoplasty. Doctor spoke to my dad in a very congenial and understanding manner, he made him comprehend the condition. My dad understood and he agreed for the mild surgery.  So finally, I got Otoplasty done in my summer vacations. The doctors performed some magical procedure and reshaped my ears. Now, here I am, a whole new different person.

Now, I don’t get bullied anymore, I am happy and people recognise me because of my talent and abilities, and not my ears. The surgery has turned my life around. This is the best thing that I have ever got done in my entire life. Now, I recommend that whosoever has this unnatural and uncanny thing, they should get the surgery done and then, they would also feel confident, just like me. There would be no reason to hide from the world.

I thank Dr. Rajat Gupta for his support, and for helping me go through it smoothly.